A Few Words About Us

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Teamwork All The Way

Our working mentality and business collaboration model adheres to one simple yet very clever motto: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We consider our customers and our employees/freelancers as partners to this wonderful endeavor we are all participating in. Teamwork and efficient communication lead to stress-free collaboration, which in turn, leads to unparalleled results.

Corporate Overview

We have a very simple approach towards doing business. We believe that our customers are our business partners and our target is to help them succeed in their Venturedoc. We believe in integrity in all business functions, a culture based on performance and transparency within our organization. Venturedoc is an organization established for the purpose of offering comprehensive Language and Training Solutions to Corporations and the International Professional World. Committed to offering high quality, customer focused services. Our Principle stands for creative and adaptive solutions that meet the customers' immediate requirements.

We link intensive market investigation and sophisticated technology with imagination, inventiveness and the courage to produce unconventional concepts. Our customers have found that our services have proven to be highly reliable and efficient.

Venturedoc has been entrusted to constantly monitor corporation needs, to design customized and effective translation and localization solutions, to develop methods catering for effective communication in business situations and to provide high quality training and services to those competing to meet the ever-increasing demands of the workplace.

Our Responsibility & Commitments

Venturedoc with operations in several countries with over 400 contracted partners has committed itself to becoming a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and we are working to incorporate CSR into the Venturedoc's strategic objectives and operations. Each year, Venturedoc and its staff contribute significantly to charities and community projects to help bring about a better quality of life to the less privileged in the community and enrich their lives.While the range of causes we support is diverse – based on individual community needs – we emphasize activities and, projects and organizations that will produce tangible, positive results, particularly in the areas of education, health, social services, arts and culture.

Our People

The Corporation’s priority is always to recruit the best available personnel in order to produce topmost quality localization products and to remain up-to-date with regards to technological applications and innovation, projecting towards optimizing its services and providing direct service to its customers. We work with one of the biggest test leads, localization and project leads globally.

The reason is that our innovative process and tools, disciplined management and program governance, we are always able to place work where it makes most sense, eliminates the most cost, and ensures the highest-quality deliverables, in your time zone or right on your site.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Proper deal making should be an extension of a company's growth strategy. We assist corporations to join hands, exchange shares, make successful buy outs and we also support M & A activities through document translation and on-site support during meetings and negotiations. Negotiations fuel a company's growth under the two major situations especially, when they strengthen a company's current core business or cash cow in a stable industry and secondly, when they provide ways for a corporation to expand into highly related businesses that reinforce the main business.

A refined knowledge of a company's basis of competition in its industry should guide proper negotiations and decisions. Or in other words, a basis of competition is how a company makes money, prospers and how it competes in business.

Long Term CSR Strategy

During calendar year 2010, the transition of Venturedoc’s Corporate Social Responsibility team from four different business units to one unified department led to analysis of current capabilities, priorities and strategic choices. The result of this year-long process is a unified strategy with clearly articulated social and environmental targets. Through greater stakeholder awareness and collaboration, we intend to demonstrate transformative value to our communities and advance consumer and regional objectives.

We work to align the objectives of our business with that of society and the world around us.

We strive to make education a part of Venturedoc’s culture, and are pleased to work together with numerous government and non-governmental organizations in giving back to society.

Why Choose Us?

Tired of going through expensive, large establishment intermediaries that include their high fixed costs in their final translation quotes to you?Venturedoc can directly provide your company with low cost, high quality.

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Launching Globally

Through our translation and localization services,Venturedoc encourages customer initiatives to promote their services or products in foreign markets.

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